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Thrive PEO's iSolved Mobile App is Now Available!

Updated: Jun 5

Access essential HR functions anywhere at any time from any device.

Thrive PEO is pleased to announce that the new isolved People Cloud mobile application is now available in the Apple™ and Android™ app stores. This exciting new offering provides employees with seamless access to essential HR information – from time off, to pay and more - on any device.

With an enhanced user interface designed for today’s workforce, the app features consumer-grade technology and user-friendly elements that increase productivity, and ensure consistency and performance for all employees.

With the Mobile App, Thrive PEO worksite employees can:

  • Engage in a modern, simplified onboarding process

  • Quickly view and update personal information and complete necessary forms

  • Compare election options and enroll in benefits

  • Clock in and out of shifts, view schedules and manage time off requests

  • View and manage pay information, including pay history, taxes, and direct deposit

  • Access announcements via in-app push notifications

  • Complete and submit expense reports

  • Leverage Face ID for a secure login experience

  • & more!

For more information, or answers to your isolved mobile app questions - contact Thrive PEO today at: or: (918) 794-2200.


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