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Oklahoma is our home

A state built by entrepreneurs whose convictions and values brought definition to building teams that thrive.  A place where business is done with a firm handshake, and hard work is considered a blessing.  


For small and medium-sized employers, Thrive PEO serves as a trusted partner; and functions as a comprehensive, integrated human resource department. Our concept facilitates our customers’ access to beneficial resources and connections to “blue-chip” service providers otherwise out of reach. Our team of skilled professionals provides expertise in human resources and compliance, risk management, employee benefits, payroll processing, and human resource information systems (HRIS).



To bring the right people and technology together to challenge conventional thinking and drive transformation by providing truly relevant, irreplaceable services that have a meaningful impact on our client companies, employees, partnerships and every other life our business touches.

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Thrive PEO Tulsa is Oklahoma's best Professional Employer Organization


Understanding our purpose

Thrive PEO is continuously exploring new ways to help businesses care for their people. We value innovation and firmly believe that technology has the power to unify, streamline, automate, and elevate the HR function at your company. But we will never abandon you to software. We use technology to strategically enhance the expert guidance and committed service we bring to every client engagement. 

Thrive PEO has everything your company needs to grow quickly and confidently. We help you proudly elevate the employee experience while freeing up your resources to focus on your core mission.

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We believe in quality over scope & scale

Pounding your chest as an 800lb PEO gorilla is cool and all, but we believe the quality of work we do, coupled with our firm commitment to being meaningfully engaged with the clients we serve is more critical than scope or scale.  In other words, we would rather be great at a few tasks where we live and breathe than being mediocre at many in all 50 states via a toll-free number.



Celebrating our people

Meaningful company culture is more than just ping-pong tables, puppies and Pac-man (although we have all three).  


When we walk in the door each morning, we are a team; and take every opportunity to find the fun in what we do.  For us, it’s a genuine source of energy to crank out amazing ideas, tap into unique strengths, and chase big goals — together.


We are united in a singular mission to go above and beyond for our clients and their people every day.  We do the same for each other.


Our leadership team

Our leaders are experienced, super friendly, authentic Oklahomans who share a passion for making every decision, and measuring every outcome based on how it serves our clients, employees and community in a positive way. 

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Jon Scoggins
President | CEO
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Cassie Moon
Chief Operating Officer
Mark Farrow
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Mark Farrow
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Ritchie Sontag

We surround ourselves with great people

Our advisory team members represent the best that the market has to offer; and help to extend Thrive PEO's service commitment to making a tangible difference in our clients’ daily experience.

Thrive PEO Advisor Tom Ritchie
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Tom Ritchie
Achieve Capital
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Josiah Sutton
Chris Rhoden, GIGA Solutions_edited.jpg
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Chris Rhoden
GIGA Solutions 

Rethink the way you invest in your people. Thrive today.

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