The power of true single-source

HRIS technology


Thrive makes workforce management easier

Delivering smart business insights from one single data source is key to deriving benefits from an HCM solution. Navigating multiple systems to calculate employee time, process payroll, and administer benefits is time-consuming, prone to errors, and produces mismatched data. Today, these essential activities are all accomplished within a unified solution - Thrive.


Delivering HR outsourcing solutions to keep

your company nimble, competitive and thriving

We make benefits easier

Cost-effective health insurance options allow you to offer competitive benefits on par with Fortune 500 companies to take care of your employees and give your company a boost when recruiting and retaining talent. We work closely with our clients to build a competitive and comprehensive benefits package from a range of cost-effective health insurance options and a robust offering of employer- and employee-paid ancillary plans.

We make payroll easier

Thrive payroll and tax administration services deliver total accountability, compliance, and accuracy with dedicated, knowledgeable payroll specialists. Stay ahead of the curve and make sure you have visibility into your human costs with simplified processes & tools that handle the heavy lifting. 

We make HR easier

Thrive helps you streamline and enhance the employment lifecycle by bringing best practices in human resources management to your organization. Our expert team will partner with you to maximize HR compliance and serve as the front line for employee education, questions, and issue resolution around their benefits and payroll.

We make risk

management easier

When you have healthy and safe employees, statistics show that your company increases productivity. Thrive helps protect your company from costly workplace injuries by providing comprehensive risk management solutions, including pay-as-you go workers’ compensation insurance and customized safety programs.


We make staying 

connected 24/7 easier

At Thrive, your people get the best of both worlds when it comes to service. First, they gain access to a stunningly modern technology that provides a better way to engage with their payroll, benefits and timeclock; as well as interact with their peers.


They also get dedicated advocates who are ready to go to bat for them whenever issues arise. It’s a much-needed upgrade that will lend some serious street cred to your brand.


Rethink the way you invest in your people. Thrive today.

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