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Expand your agency’s book of business by offering customized PEO solutions to your clients

In the increasingly complex legislative landscape that small and mid-sized businesses must operate today, partnerships between insurance agencies and PEOs have tremendous potential for success, bringing value to the broker, PEO and, most importantly, the client.

Did you know that more than fifty percent of businesses already outsource at least some aspect of their HR services?  It's true; and that number continues to grow year over year as human resource management and government regulations get more demanding.


How can you take advantage of this trend? By joining Thrive Partners.

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About Thrive Partners

Designed for brokers, insurance agents and financial planners, Thrive Partners allows you to offer our comprehensive suite of PEO solutions to your clients, adding another value-added service to your offerings -  and a lucrative new revenue stream to your bottom line.  While other HR outsourcing providers and Professional Employer Organizations may encroach on your clients, we work with you to not only protect your existing business, but add new clients as well. We help you accomplish this by serving as an agile, responsive and committed strategic partner.

As a privately owned company, we value strong, personal and long-term relationships, and we work closely with our partners to help them deliver meaningful services to their customers.

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What are the benefits of partnering with us?

For your agency

  • Competitive, residual compensation on multiple lines of business

  • Quick quote turnaround and product flexibility

  • Better protection with our “no trespassing“ and BOR policies

  • Exclusive tools and training support for brokers

  • No monetary investment required

For your clients

  • Improved focus on core business functions

  • Administrative and insurance cost containment

  • Liability and business risk reduction

  • Expanded & improved employee benefit offerings

  • Improved employee engagement


Our solutions can help your clients thrive.  You can thrive too.