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Did you know we're the only PEO in the country marketed exclusively through the broker community? It's true.

Unlike any PEO in the country, we don't sell direct....ever. Designed by Insurance Brokers for Insurance Brokers, Thrive PEO enhances your agency's value proposition by giving you access to true large group benefits; and a best in market suite of business performance solutions to help your small group clients thrive.  While other PEOs and "big-box" payroll companies encroach on your book of business, we work with you to protect and grow your customer base - and your bottom-line.


To schedule a Thrive PEO overview for your agency, please click the button below.  You'll be glad you did (and your customers will too).

Thrive PEO Insurance Broker.png
Thrive PEO Broker.png

Does our broker program work?  We'll let you be the judge.


Current closing ratio of broker-referred Thrive PEO clients


Average annual client savings per employee per year


Minimum agency revenue increase for any placed client

Thrive PEO Blue Gradient

What are the benefits of becoming appointed with us?

For your agency

  • Competitive, residual compensation on multiple lines of business

  • Quick quote turnaround and product flexibility

  • Better protection with our “no trespassing“ and BOR policies

  • Exclusive tools, training and support for brokers

  • No monetary investment required

For your clients

  • Improved focus on core business functions

  • Administrative and insurance cost containment

  • Liability and business risk reduction

  • Expanded & improved employee benefit offerings

  • Improved employee engagement

  • Reduced employee turnover

Thrive PEO Orange Gradient

Our solutions can help your clients thrive.  Your agency can thrive too.

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