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MakingChips Podcast: Small Shop Owners Can Thrive With a PEO

Thrive CEO Jon Scoggins, recently joined guest host Mike Payne of Hill Manufacturing (Broken Arrow, OK), Jason Zenger, and Nick Goellner, CMTSE on the "MakingChips" podcast to discuss how partnering with a PEO can benefit manufacturing leaders.

Listen to the entire episode, here.


  • [1:48] Learn more about the MakingChips Seasons concept

  • [3:14?] Why Mike Payne is our inaugural guest host

  • [6:25] Introducing Jon Scoggins: President & CEO at Thrive PEO

  • [8:08] What is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

  • [12:17] How a PEO can help you with employee onboarding

  • [14:00] How Thrive PEO goes above and beyond a payroll company

  • [15:38] The Lean Setup Guide from ProShop

  • [16:16] A PEO can help you revamp your employee handbook

  • [18:51] How a PEO stays up-to-date on local regulations

  • [23:32] Is there a downside to using a PEO?

  • [27:10] Can you justify the cost of a PEO?

  • [28:20] Can a PEO work with an existing HR team?

  • [29:44] Takeaways from this episode of MakingChips Seasons

For more information on how a PEO could help your manufacturing company- contact Thrive PEO today at: or: (918) 794-2200.

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