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MakingChips Podcast: Small Shop Owners Can Thrive With a PEO

Updated: May 22, 2023

Listen to the entire episode, here.


  • [1:48] Learn more about the MakingChips Seasons concept

  • [3:14?] Why Mike Payne is our inaugural guest host

  • [6:25] Introducing Jon Scoggins: President & CEO at Thrive PEO

  • [8:08] What is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

  • [12:17] How a PEO can help you with employee onboarding

  • [14:00] How Thrive PEO goes above and beyond a payroll company

  • [15:38] The Lean Setup Guide from ProShop

  • [16:16] A PEO can help you revamp your employee handbook

  • [18:51] How a PEO stays up-to-date on local regulations

  • [23:32] Is there a downside to using a PEO?

  • [27:10] Can you justify the cost of a PEO?

  • [28:20] Can a PEO work with an existing HR team?

  • [29:44] Takeaways from this episode of MakingChips Seasons

For more information on how a PEO could help your manufacturing company- contact Thrive PEO today at: or: (918) 794-2200.


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