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Accessing Your W-2, ACA & 1099 Forms - Employee Self-Service

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The purpose of this article is to review and explain what is found on your W2/ACA/1099 Forms tab in Employee Self-Service.  Should you have questions, or require further assistance, please contact your Thrive representative at: or call: (918) 794-2200.


In order to view your W2, ACA or 1099 Forms, log into Thrive/iSolved using your Employee Self-Service email address and password. Please ensure that passwords are a minimum of 12 characters, at least one lower-case alpha (a-z), one upper-case alpha (A-Z), one numeric (0-9), and one special character. Spaces are allowed to support the use of easier to remember passphrases. Going forward, your password will not expire. Passwords may also not duplicate any of your previous 10 passwords. 

If you key an incorrect password five times, you will be locked out of the system. You will receive a message after each incorrect attempt indicating the remaining number of attempts. After the fifth incorrect attempt, you will be locked out of the system for 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes has passed, click on the “Forgot Password” link and change your password. If you need access sooner, you may contact your company’s administrator to unlock your account.

Thrive W2 Self Service

Navigate to Employee Self Service > W2/ACA/1099 Forms. Click on W2/ACA/1099 Forms


W2/ACA/1099 Forms

Once this tab becomes visible, any W2, ACA (1095 Form) or 1099 Forms that are applicable for your employment status and company will be located here for viewing.  


Unless you have previously opted out of electronic W2, ACA and 1099 Forms, this will be the only copy you receive. If you opted out of electronic W2, ACA and 1099 Forms, you will receive a physical copy from your employer. 

Remember, these forms are not required to be provided to employees until the January 31st after the year that has ended. Please watch for them, as they will post when available, or check with your administrator for more details. 

In order to view the appropriate form, find the year and form needed.

Thrive W2 Self Service 3

The column headings on the screen will include:

  • Tax Year: The year the information refers to.

  • Document Description: This description can include:

    • W2/1099

    • ACA 1095

  • Document Type: Defaults to “YE Tax Form.”

  • Document Name: The document file name.

  • View Document: Click on this link to view and/or print the form.

  • View Instructions: These will only be available if you signed up for electronic forms.

Click on the “View Document” link next to the Document Description/Tax Year you want to view.

Thrive W2 Self Service 4

Note: If you are receiving both a W2 and 1099 or either from your employer, both documents will be under the same link.

Here is an example of a W2 Form:

Thrive Sample W2